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Nov 2018
The milk Truck that broke down

The Milk Truck That Broke Down

Mr Johnson was returning from making his last milk delivery when he suddenly head a sound of grinding gears followed

Oct 2018
Mr Cambel's Traffic Offense Warning

Mr Campbell’s Traffic Offense Warning

On one pretty dark evening, Mr Campbell was driving home up the M23 road with his red truck’s headlights bright

Sep 2018
Candy bar cellphone

The lost and found cellphone

It is Tuesday in the afternoon. Wendy and George have just gotten off the school bus at the station not

Sep 2018
Angela's Baptism of the Holy Spirit of God

Angela’s Baptism of the Holy Spirit of God

Often times in the beginning or ending of each Sunday school class, Mr Moody will give thanks in prayer by

Some stories are pending proof reading but should still be generally fun to read/listen to.