About this ministry

While it is expected of Christians to shun compromised secular literatures at whichever cost, we believe it is our portion to can curate and enjoy (with thanksgiving) literatures that sympathizes with our spiritual pilgrimage. Literatures that not only care never to assert (whether directly or indirectly) againts Christianity, but seek to edify whenever possible.

We therefore wish to contribute, through grace, to any existing library of evangelical Christian friendly short stories for kids. We intend to share both text as well as audio versions of each story. To hopefully give Christian parents/gurdians fewer reasons to be tempted to consider administering compromised secular literatures to their Children. To the hurting of both the child as well as the parent/gurdians.

We moreover wish to animate every short story and then publish videos under Kids Videos. While tailored mainly towards kids, elderly evangelical Christians should also be able to substatially relish the stories we are looking to ever publish.

Through all our kids oriented sub-ministries, the following are some of the questions we seek to answer:




Some stories are pending proof reading but should still be generally fun to read/listen to.